A one-stop, all-encompassing solution for information extraction and meaningful semantic mining

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Intelligent Semantic Knowledge

The Sense Platform is an intelligent semantic knowledge base development by CodeGen Research. The heart of the Sense Platform is the Information Extraction Engine built by CodeGen R&D.
It can analyse text and image to derive the knowledge which will be used for Revenue Management, providing Smart Information to the users, Better analytics to the travel vendors, personalization and better search results, among many other uses.

High Tech

Uses Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning to harness semantics and sentiments.

Compact & Complete

Extracted data from discrete sources, pre-processes, stores, and semantically analyses data in a big-data-ready cluster.

Multi Domain

The sense knowledge base is pipelined to domain specific instances which enables many interfaces supporting various domains.

it's all here

It's powerful natural language-based query capability will allow you to know what you need to know when you need to know.

Automatic Semantic Building

CodeGen is engaged in research on Semantics and Ontologies for a considerable number of years and we curently have a comprehensive travel ontology which enables us a lot more leverage in semantics processing. Elevating to the next level, we are now in the process of enhancing our own manually curated ontology by automated data mining.

Automatic Ontology Mining

The AI algorithms read plain English text and automatically identify the word clusters that are semantically related in their typical usage. This will make the Sense engine learn the concepts and their underlying semantics on its own and become better at understanding natural language.

Human Sensible Querying

Sense supports various domains to perform humanly possible queries to search, update and delete. The platform also provides the feature to upload external data dumps in any format while having its own extensive capability of data extraction. Processed information can be queried using simple language which is understood and processed by Natural language processing algorithms to understand the query and acquire resulting information.

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