Driven towards technology of the future

Research at CodeGen is about finding intelligent solutions to everyday problems that are difficult to solve. We don’t take the limitations of current software landscape for granted; we aspire to break barriers and broaden the horizons of software industry with state of the art technology including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, and Optimization.

Core Product Features

Adaptive Personalization

Today’s consumers are very demanding, as they should be when it comes to customer relationships. The businesses need to understand the true needs of their customers to increase sales, gain more profits and build customer loyalty. In the digital age where most of the business is done online, human interactions are not enough to measure your customer’s needs. CodeGen’s Adaptive Personalization Engine uses artificial intelligence and advanced data mining to build comprehensive customer profiles.

Information Extraction from the Web

How does CodeGen R&D’s intelligent travel technology make its decisions? In addition to advanced AI and Machine Learning algorithms, it depends on a large knowledge base that contains curated information about countries, cities, attractions and many other things of interest.  This information is automatically mined using the advanced mining systems built by us, and fed into a semantic database with the support of CodeGen Travel Ontology — the advanced semantic structure that defines everything we need to know about travel and holidays.

Smarter Search

For decades, travel search has been about filling forms that asked you every detail, whether relevant or not, about your travel. We don’t think that this is a good way to start an enjoyable task like booking a vacation. CodeGen R&D has been working on the problem of how the search can be made easier to use. Today, we have systems that not only understand natural language queries but also can converse with the user.

Intelligent Recommendation

Things do not stop at understanding your customer, you have to provide solutions that are custom-made for their personal needs to truly engage and make them happy. It’s not an easy task to determine what will suit a particular customer, considering his location, age, income, family details, his previous booking patterns, personal preferences and many other such parameters. The Intelligent Recommendation technology developed in CodeGen R&D aims to find smart answers to this solution using data mining and advanced techniques such as collaborative filtering.

Intelligent Agents

Why do you have to spend time online in the first place, if you can just tell a machine what you want and have it do the job for you? Intelligent Agents developed in CodeGen R&D are already capable of negotiating hotel room prices with human clients, and offer them strategic discounts. We are working on making them smarter and knowledgeable, so you can talk to an autonomous agent to ask targeted questions about your destination or seek help in deciding on where to go and what to do in a family vacation.

Market Information Mining

If you want to keep your travel business on top of the game,  you need to be aware of a lot of market factors such as consumer demands, sales hotspots, and competitors’ pricing. This is something a human can’t do without spending a lot of time on repetitive and tedious tasks. CodeGen R&D has built tools that can automate this for you.