Making decisions to optimize the net revenue is a tedious task, it requires plenty of time, experience and expertise in analytical skills to be certain of the decision. Revenue Manager is a platform that can tackle all the hard work for you.

Keep Track of Your Essentials

The RevenueManager uses state of the art analysis and visualization techniques to make it convenient for the business analyst to gather, visualize, analyze and model data.

Revenue Management is a decision-making platform that can support on maximizing your net revenue by,

  • Allocating the right inventory
  • To the right customers
  • At the right price
  • Through the right channel
  • In a dynamic fashion.

The traditional approach to the revenue management was to analyze the market trends such as demands, sales, prices etc., and to adjust the supply and pricing in such a way that the net revenue is optimized. The business analysts need to analyze the trends, mine large sets of data and come up with models for the business.

Revenue manager uses state of the art analysis and visualization techniques to make it convenient for the business analyst to gather, visualize, analyze and model data. Revenue Manager will find the right distribution channel with the best commission efficiency.

How to make a machine decide for you.

The main building blocks of data in the Revenue manager system are called Knowledge  units. Knowledge units embody the data and the associated semantics. They are used in all functional components as the interfaces to data.

The system uses sophisticated technologies such as statistical methods, machine learning, natural language processing and AI. The architecture will be open, similar to knowledge units, so the users can adapt their own or third party services into the system.

In the long run, CodeGen Ontology will be used to enhance the functionality and support the Revenue Management System. The ontology helps the date to have semantics associated with them.

The collection of amazing components

Revenue Analyzer

Revenue Analyzer is used to visualize data in the system. Unlike the usual approach of analyzing data through reports, the revenue analyzer charts and tables provides the business user a dynamic interface to visualize data.

Strategy Analyzer

Strategy analyzer is used to analyze the impacts of a certain strategy on a given scenario. A dry-run of created models can visualize the possible impacts before applying them into the actual business.

Strategy Planner

Used to build the Revenue Management business logic. This is done visually, in terms of knowledge units. There are support functions available, such as basic logic blocks and a library of functions that can operate on data from knowledge units.

Product Planner

The product planner uses the intuitive visualization, optimization and prediction models to let the user plan the product packages easily and effectively.

Revenue Manager also supports the user with Scheduling and reporting platforms. The system can use any traditional data source such as relational databases in order to build the knowledge units as the fundamental business intelligence.

Grow your profits hand in hand with the Revenue Manager. Enter the next level of revenue management.