Lia is a smart chatbot elevated with advancements of Artificial Intelligence (AI). She is capable of handling advanced dialogue and understanding user semantics, this makes her more human-like and interactive. Pace in to the revolutionized era of AI driven business with Lia.

Bots are the Future

If you’re wondering today whether your business should have a bot, you’re asking the wrong question. Bot-powered commerce is the modern-day manifest destiny. It’s time to power your business with intelligent solutions.

Why Lia?

Lia is powered with many skills that will take your customers’ experience to the next level and certainly increase your conversion.

  • Consumers are used to dialog-based information, as opposed to filling out forms and reading lengthy textual information. Introducing a human-like chat interface is the perfect solution to build live conversations using rich, interactive information available anywhere at any time.

  • Lia’s flexible negotiation skills offer the power of direct negotiation to the consumer. Negotiating with Lia is easy and reliable as she has dedicated intelligent revenue management agents. They work hard to forecast and set product or package price margins to maximise your revenue.

  • Presenting the right product to the right consumer at the right time is not a problem anymore, Lia’s personalised recommendation capabilities can instantly recognize your customer interests and dynamically recommend personalised promotions, ancillaries, upselling and cross-selling.     

Chatbots powered with high-end natural language interfaces can also be a profitable investment for your business.

Faster information recall and display

Bots’ brain is hard-wired to Database and rich content, the guaranteed accuracy and the efficiency of information may lead to a trusted customer base.

Offline NLP Capabilities

You do not have to rely on third-party cloud service anymore. Lia has an independent NLP engine which can be easily deployed in any server.

Multilingual and Voice support

Lia’s Natural Language processing Engine is capable of understanding many languages and can be easily integrated with voice support platforms with zero hassle.

Centralized learning

One bot instance’s learning is available to all future instances, extensive staff training can be eliminated.

Painless scalability and integration

Lia’s framework can be scaled easily without hiring/training/downsizing and it’s easy as copy-pasting a simple code line in your website.

It’s All Together in One Interface

Lia is more than just a chatbot, she will make sure to take your customers experience to the next level.