Don’t let the customers leave your website bored and frustrated. Understand their needs and make the right offer at the right time. Inspire is just what you need to revolutionize the customer experience with timely personalisation

Adaptive Personalisation

Inspire redefines the customer journey by dynamically providing rich, relevant and valuable content. The magic happens in our Adaptive Recommendation Engine and collaborative data consolidation algorithms.  

Inspire is mainly focused on many aspects form extracting, building automatic knowledge to increase revenue through customer centering product reordering and recommendation.

  • Automated user and product knowledge building.
  • Simulation tools to visualize recommendation results and criteria.
  • Dynamic control on product and user management.
  • Connect with external systems through flexible data interfaces.
  • Detailed performance reports on conversion and recommendation.
  • Highly accurate and sensitive revenue management.

Intelligent Recommendation

Travelers expect to be seen as individuals and want to receive information along with offers built on their preferences. Inspire do not disappoint your customers. Inspire’s intelligent recommendation engine determines what will suit a particular customer considering their location, age, budget levels, close relevance with other related accounts, previous booking patterns, personal preferences and many such parameters.

Data Repository Consolidation

Inspire permits you to connect and combine many data sources that you can lay your hands on. Consolidated data from CRM systems and other databases automatically grow the knowledge base to create tailored offers across channels and customer touch points.

CRM is one of the most reliable data sources which include data that customers explicitly provide while making purchases or directly interacting with customer services agents.

Automatic Knowledge building

As with many partitions in artificial intelligence, knowledge is an important element of Inspire operations of recommendation and personalization. Although a formally represented deep semantic knowledge can be used to the basic recommendation, it is very important to have a gradually evolving knowledge base to have more timely relevant recommendations. Our Deep learning and collaborative filtering algorithms have made the breakthrough to automatic knowledge base building without any excessive manual training and extraction.

Inspire is a platform with multi-faceted technological advancements to analyse, individualize and present your true business value to the end user. Timing is everything. Let Inspire deliver the best-personalized experience at the right time to the right customer.